As you may have heard by now, FootPrint TV has set November 16th, 2019 as date for next edition of FootPrint TV Pool Praise. Fliers of the event is almost everywhere; outlining all artistes anticipating to minister on the fruitful day.

This write up is to point to 7 reasons why you must never miss this gathering.

First, is it appropriate to say, this is going to be a one stop shop for all your favorite gospel artiste? Yeah, this is not a shop. Get it! So then, a one stop event for all your favorite gospel artiste. All the top artistes in Ghana shall be there to minister. It might be unsuitable to mention and leave out some names; but very sure you have seen artworks of all artistes ministering on various media platforms. That’s not even all; getting interactive with these artistes is never prohibited. You could get any of them to have a chit-chat on the personal or ministerial level. It is allowed.

Over the years, FootPrint TV Pool Side Praise has been; if not the only, the major Christian event that hosts almost all the genres of gospel music produced in Ghana. From traditional highlife and worship, to the contemporaries. A blend of all these genres makes each year’s episode outstanding.

And to that effect, no one is left out. Of course, generational differences; individual preferences shall never be a challenge. The reason is, the event is designed to capture everyone; to make all individual feel the sense of belonging. It’s an event opened to all generations.

These days, event tickets cost extremely high. Of course, event organizers cannot be fault for that. The cost involved to put up a standard and quality event is overwhelming. Devices and gadgets rentals alone could break the neck. But to compare, having all these artistes ministering for just a token of Twenty Ghana Cedis (GHS20.00) is highly welcomed and appreciated.

Out of the box; out of the room environment. This is not very common in Ghana. But just as it’s done elsewhere, FootPrint TV has proved beyond doubt that, it is the best; and can be for paid events too. At least, they have done this repeatedly over these years. So forget the struggles with malfunctioning air-conditions and auditoriums overheating, you are entitled to have fresh air in an open space, closer to a pool; and with a bunch of trees at one end.

Transport to Legon is the commonest in the region. Irrespective of where you reside, getting transport to the venue and from the venue to your home is the easiest. The pool is next to the new University of Ghana Stadium; just a walking distance from the Oponglo Bus Stop. For individuals with personal cars or motorcycle, parking and security is never an issue.

What about on a Saturday, and at 1pm? It’s cool, right? A perfect day away from all the busy days; tasks and work schedules. The time is perfect to finish your weekend house chores even before attending. Definitely, closing time can never be on the nights.

Music has always been live; on the most. Of course, a Christian event without playing live; which one could that be? Music shall be served live. On a scale of playing live and artistes miming, the latter shall be very less; and insignificant in numbers.

So with all these, why will you intend to miss this? Can you please reschedule other plans which may crush with this so that we can have you attending on that day? It shall be appreciated.

All you need on that day is a pass to enter the venue and a heart to worship God.

Kindly play this video!


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