Just for our freedom, Christ had to go through so much. At the end, he still sits at the right hand side of God interceding on our behalf. Before that, He laid His crown, gave up His life and died on the cross for you and I.

Aroma 4 Christ just got us a new tune; titled VoVome. This is an excellent work done; 92% of lyrics in English; wonderfully composed. Wondering why this particular tune is not enjoying much airplay. Well, maybe you have not made it your favorite. But just download and listen; you would agree it’s a nice that need to be played everyday on all platforms.

Let’s make it happen. Download it now, listen, sing it alone; just make it your favorite. Don’t forget that when doing this, you are having that personal relationship with God and his song Jesus Christ. So doing, this song; VoVome by Aroma 4 Christ shall be all over.

Connect with Aroma 4 Christ via;
Twitter: @CyrusAroma
Facebook: Aroma ForChrist
Instgram: @IamAroma

For promo, Whatsapp us via +233548026541 now; let’s get them done soonest!

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