Da Prince, a Ghanaian Gospel Artiste expressed his disappointment in Christians in high corporate positions that fail to render their support to Gospel Musicians and gospel events. He indicated that such people would experience the wrath and judgement of Christ when they meet at Armageddon.

Speaking in an interview on Anigye Mere, he said it beats his imagination on how fellow Christians are selfish and self-centered which is in great contrast to their doctrine. This he said because according to him, fellow Christians relent, drag their fees and as well deny their fellows of brand endorsement or even sponsorship.

Da Prince reinstated that the Christians in high corporate institutions should be conscious of the fact that if one day they meet Christ, they would be found wanting. He affirms that such Christians are in bigger positions to render help to on building the gospel music industry but such failures in doing so is what is causing the gradual breakdown in the industry and most of their programs don’t get support because of the reluctance of Christians in high corporate institutions. He lamented again that it si rather obvious such Christians used their monies in supporting and promoting secular musics.

He then advised his fellow gospel musicians to be well branded in order to attract brand endorsement deals and sponsorships from the corporate institutions.

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