The Discovery of the year nominee in the Ghana Urban Gospel Music Awards ( GUGMA ) 2019, the Love ft. Joe Kay hit maker, and one of the fastest up rising urban gospel music vocalist Cleck Boyson, was nearly killed in Madina ( near social welfare ) yesterday (22nd January 2019) evening at around 8:00pm.

The youngster, Cleck boyson told Propel news his story.

According to Cleck Boyson, He suspects the killer was going to use his blood for money rituals.

‘’ Guys, it’s unbelievable but it is a reality, blood money is very real, I can’t believe myself…… but today it has happened to me, like today will be the last time you would have heard about Cleck Boyson ‘’ — He said.

Cleck received a message on Facebook from a long time no see friend, Prince. Prince in his message asked that Cleck Boyson come to Madina estates so they hang out because it’s been a while. According to Cleck, the message came at the right time because before the message, he was very bored and didn’t know what to do hence didn’t hesitate to go meet his friend.

On his way to meet his friend, Cleck met this fair, tall and muscular young gentleman who engages him and said Prince had sent him to come and meet him and bring him home because Prince was a little busy in the house at the time Cleck arrived at Madina. This was around the social welfare road where the mosque is located at Madina.

This ‘Macho’ man leads Cleck Boyson into some bushy area within the Madina new estates, took an ‘Abotsi’ knife from his trousers and the ‘drama’ started.

‘’ This man didn’t ask for my phone, He didn’t ask for money, He didn’t ask for anything from me, he was killing me, the knife was just on my neck, He was killing me like for blood money’’ — Cleck Boyson told Propel news.

After struggling with this armed ‘macho’ man, Cleck managed to run for his life by the grace of God.

‘’ …… and I run, I did athletics in school so I can actually run, so I run, the guy was chasing me, chasing me, I run I run and got to the main streets ‘’ — He added

Cleck narrated his story to a woman who sells by the street at Madina, where the incident took place and this woman said it’s real and just about a month ago a similar incident happened to one young guy.

Is Madina now the center for murder?
Just some few days ago it was Ahmed Divela Hussein-Suale a colleague of Ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas who got shot twice in his heart and one on his neck at this same MADINA.

How did we get here? Is Ghana no longer the beacon of African peace?

Cleck Boyson, though did not suffer any physical injuries, got his phone spoilt in the struggling process and also currently suffering from emotional trauma and asking for prayers from his family, friends and loved ones. He feels sad and has been vomiting, facing sleep issues and also a decrease in appetite after the issue happened.

‘’ …… my stomach is hard like stone now, I can’t even eat…… the strength I got from no where to fight this man…… He was killing me, He wanted to finish my life, I would have been death by now…… It’s just by the miracle of God…… God loves me so much and I’m very grateful…… Pray for me and let’s all be very careful’’ — Cleck Boyson

According to Cleck Boyson, his friend, Prince’s account on Facebook has been hacked and the hacker is the one who tried killing him.

The attached audio and screenshot shows how lucky and miraculously Cleck Boyson escaped from death.

Investigations into who is behind this are now ongoing.

Listen to the audio of the testimony.

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