It’s too early to tag gospel artiste Scott Evans as a hero. But hey, either way, you do no wrong if you wish to go that path. He took the bull by its horn. Rough path you and I dare to go, he walked into the den and back successfully.

No matter how you may see him or tag him, he has done what he felt he was pushed to do. This could be a prophesy he needed to fulfill before he can move to the next stage of life. Remember the story of Jonah in the Bible? Scott Evans de Jonah of wanna time.

After those series of posts on #iGiveUp, Scott Evans has now returned to explain what he meant by his post tag #iGiveUp and why he went to that extent; the backlash to the Church, industry players; colleagues and all; everyone who is ordained to play a role in the Gospel.

To make this simple for you and I; take time to listen to him to the end; to understand him. Maybe, you may be touched; if not, let us know your displeasure.

Kindly play this video!