As announced in the past days, K. Anani Music has scheduled to have a spectacular video premiere dubbed Infinite Moment and Video Premiere this weekend.

It shall be a full packed event with performances from artistes all over. But, the event is expected to be climaxed by the premiere of K. Anani‘s latest; but yet to be released song; “Hy3 Me Ma”.

Hy3 Me Ma; which simply mean “Fill Me Up” is a single tune recorded by K. Anani and Daniel Jeddman. Just as the title suggests, the song was composed as a simple prayer to God Almighty that every Christian must pray as every moment of the life.

Urban Gospel; or Gospel Ministry as a whole in Ghana is taking a quicker growth than expected; forcing the mainstream ministers to join the movement by recording and producing songs to suit today’s generation.

To that effect, ministers put in more effort to get up perfect video concept to further descend the gospel to people. And this what K. Anani has done exactly.

This event is expected to take place in the ICGC New Heights Temple; at Dome Born Again; this coming Sunday; thus, 14th October, 2018.

It starts at 5PM but do well to get to the temple by 4:30pm because, you can’t afford to miss the start of this event. There are surprises for you.

It is also expected that, Kommit, Kali Sax, Lady Chartty, Ransom Brown and a whole lot of artistes shall grace the event with ministrations that shall move you to a higher ground.

We are expecting to meet you there; just imagine the blessings packed up for you. Support a brother.

For promo, Whatsapp us via +233548026541 now; let’s get them done soonest!

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