Meet AraSoul ,a young lady from The Palace of International Palace Church of Ghana who is passionate about creative arts.

She’s the founder of The Literal Prowess Arts group – A group of talented and artistic youth who come together to raise and nurture others in the field of arts.

“I decided to commence a group to artistically help communities, societies and Ghana at large.

There were a lot of hinges along the way in cases of which I felt demotivated.”

She revealed.

AraSoul told Christian Missive her inspiration comes from the fact that she can also help others to nurture their own talents thus make their voice heard .

“My inspiration is the fact that I can help others nurture their talents and make their voices heard even in the unknown places”

When asked about their maiden edition of open mic session- THE TAVERN. And what inspired such a theme. She replied ;

“A Tavern is normally a place where people meet to drink alcoholic drinks. However, by revelation our Open Mic session is themed THE TAVERN, so that as people gather to minister in arts, others will be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18). These sessions seek to replace the world’s concept with GOD’S intended idea of being zealous for Him.

This is happening on Saturday 16th March 2019 at the International Palace Church , IPC Madina at 4pm prompt.

Her final words

It’s fun to be a youth however, it’s dangerous to be a youth. This is a phase where decisions are made which is for a lifetime. I’ll urge youths (including myself) to get our minds fixed on God and His Promises for us.

People say that being a Christian is a struggle. However, it becomes a struggle when you priorities aren’t set with God in it.

I prefer to be a fool for Christ than a wise man of the Kingdom of darkness

Members of Literal Prowess Arts will be honoured to see your @ THE TAVERN!! God bless you !

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