Yesterday at the National Theater, and as scheduled, the median edition of GUGMA took place. It was the first of its kind; so let’s take the opportunity to congratulate organizers for putting up this one.

Scott Evans; the ‘new boi, with the new voice’ proceeded to win 2 awards out of his nominations. He took home the Award for “Album of the year” with his “The Glory” album and also won the “Record of the Year” award.

Scott Evans again received a third award on Nektunez’s behalf; as the “Producer of the Year”.

Nektunez produced and mastered all 17 tracks on Scott Evans’ “The Glory” album which was officially released on September 25th, 2018. The album featured Lil Krah, RZN, Agent Snypa, Mega EJ, Kobby Salm, Raphael and Camidoh. Let’s not forget all tracks on the album were hits. From ‘Everyday’, ‘You and I’ to ‘All Over Me’; like, all of them; all of them!

Well, congratulations to Scott Evans; and to Producer Nektunez. Blessings!!!

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