Logan was a secular musician who had her fame one on popular reality show ‘Stars of the Future’ in 2006. Since she produced thrilling songs with numerous chart-topping tracks. For the past two years, she went on a break but she is currently back with a different fashion and style. She is now converted into a gospel musician.

On Joy FM, Irene opened up on her cigarette addiction and a struggle with depression at the young stage of her career.

According to Irene, she was exposed to the world in the early prime of her career. Therefore, in order to fit in her new circle compelled her to adopt lifestyles in great contrast to he upbringing. In an attempt to maintain her place in the circle, led her into depression and addiction.

She affirms that she started smoking cigarettes at the early stages when she shot fame or came into the limelight after ‘Stars of the Future’ probably after a year. She stated emphatically that she was from a very discipline and protective home where none of her parents smoke or drink alcohol. She has never even caught a blink or glance of them.

She said having the the freedom to get out there and being exposed made her to venture into such act because it si very attractive seeing people around places, boldly sitting and smoking. She wanted to try it and she did. She said she remembers coughing and everyone laughing at her. At that instance she was so upset because she wanted to conquer it so that’s how she started practicing it.

She revealed that the more she tried it, the more she gets depressed to the extent of consuming one pack of cigarettes per day and then eventually to two packs per day. On this, stated that it took an anointing of oil to deliver her of the predicament.

Cirrently, Irene Logan has surrendered her life to the Holy Spirit andd she is anointed as a minister of the Gospel of Christ so she is sharing her story as a testimony to motivate and inspire others in the daily walk of insecurities to make informed choices.

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