Songwriter and award-wining Ghanaian Gospel Musician Celestine Donkor has recounted one among her embarrassing moments while working at church while growing up within the industry. The musician who describes herself as timid and shy disclosed on Accra-based Joy Fm that she is now growing and therefore the timidity and shyness are paving the way after being groomed to face the realities within the industry.

“I didn’t have much mingling with people…in groups and every one like that. i used to be most comfortable with my family then so once I find myself with different people the timidity and therefore the shyness showcases”, she revealed on the show monitored by Recounting when she had to sing in church for the primary time, she disclosed “my mum knows what we do reception and therefore the way we sing and obtain involved. at some point she was so confident and put me on programme at church and asked me to write down my name. i used to be like ok i will be able to roll in the hay . She psyched me up and once I got there, the instant I got onto the stage everything I rehearsed, every song I rehearsed disappeared”

According to the musician, her only prayer was for the ground to swallow her so as to save lots of her from that embarrassment considering how she flopped. “I was super shy”, she stressed. Asked how she came out of timidity and shyness she responded “we grow out of things. private school actually shaped me because you attend school you create your own decisions. I got involved in choir and entertainment.”

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