Irene Logan has debuted a new single into the public domain. She indicated that the song is a prophetic revelation which brings the realization of purpose and a yearn for more of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Irene stated that the song is more of a personal reflection which she received through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit during her moments of wait and surrender unto the Lord.

Logan was a secular musician who had her fame one on popular reality show ‘Stars of the Future’ in 2006. Since she produced thrilling songs with numerous chart-topping tracks. For the past two years, she went on a break but she is currently back with a different fashion and style. She is now converted into a gospel musician.

On Joy FM, Irene opened up on her cigarette addiction and a struggle with depression at the young stage of her career.

Irene stated that she was raised in a Christian home but her fervent desire to explore the world steered her away from her genuine calling. She further explained how she got into cigarettes. In an interview on ‘The Reason is Jesus’, Irene , the ‘Runaway’ hitmaker stated that cigarettes had an influence on her life in her mid 20s.

She is hopeful that her new single would be a blessing to listeners and bring a restoration in brokenness as well lifting the Name of God. This, she expressed in a press release.

‘More’ is currently available for download and streaming on all digital platforms.

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