Israel Louis is yet to hit the world at first in this year 2020 with something not yet considered by many. Of course, a top notch production by Mr. Cephas of Rock Music Studios; as he has done that many times. Israel has kicked started the whole show today by putting out the artwork for the single; release date and other vital details on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Israel Louis got Harry Fiscian on his new, yet to be released single; ‘Manifest Yourself’. What more can be said about this single? To keep you in suspense; all that can be said is, ‘Manifest Yourself’ is a contemporary gospel recorded and produced by Mr. Cephas, scheduled to be released on May 16th, 2020. It shall be available on almost all platforms for downloads; including our very own website.

Israel shall spend ample time online promoting his single. He has outlined a series of challenges meant for the general public to partake; at least, to earn them few prizes; whiles growing a community more aligned to him. Watch out for selfie video and Tik Tok challenges, individuals making a cover with the instrumentals.

Israel Louis; on two occasions amused the world with ‘Jehovah Over Do’ and ‘Greater Love’. He is a praise and worship leader; and a member of ICGC.

Harry Fiscian has been in the music ministry for over two decades. Done over 40 features and has four albums to his credit. Magnificent!

Keep in touch with Israel Louis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; get first-hand information on all promo and challenges lined up. Remember, there are prizes to be won!

You can also join the team; throw your support behind him to get this master piece to the full length and breath of the world. Click Here to Join the Whatsapp group!

Be tuned for more updates on our platforms!

For promo, Whatsapp us via +233548026541 now; let’s get them done soonest!

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