Akesse Brempong, a top top gospel artistes, has observed that Kumasi has become a hub for training upcoming musicians to gain prominence within the industry.

Dr. Cann, interviewing the musician on the Ayekoo After-Dryve on Happy FM, asked him why a lot of gospel musicians from Kumasi are also inclined in the playing of instruments to which he gave this reply that in Kumasi, music usually runs through families so if an individual in Kumasi is lucky to have a family member who plays instruments, such individual automatically learns how to play too.

According to the Musician, they move and stick together in Kumasi for a long time because they cherish and value friendship which is also an aspect which helps in music.

Akesse, explained that long-term friendships help in music and that is how come, bands that have stayed together for long bond differently and better as compared to newer bands. This, he said is because those that have stayed together longer get familiar with each other, hence, they know how to relate, understand each other and have their personalized lines of communication.

Akesse Brempong, born Phil Evans Akesse-Brempong is a young, gifted worship leader, songwriter, preacher and gospel recording artist who creates his music adopting a unique blend of traditional and contemporary patterns and styles in music.

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