It is not surprising when these miracles happen; We do hear them very often though; but this is one of a kind.

What we normally hear is, someone getting healed during a song ministration; most often, worship songs; most at times, during church service or musical concert when partakers are present.

On radio, the common practice is when ministers request listeners partake in a prophetic instruction he may give out on air; ranging from filling a glass with water and drinking; to buying a bottle of oil to break a curse.

But this particular one is deep. Who ever thought someone could receive his healing when listening to rap music? Never crossed your mind right? You may be in love with Urban Gospel but never assumed this happening.

Well, it happened. Gospel emcee Kevin PY was with DJ Paloma yesterday on Zylofon FM just this Saturday, that’s May 30th, 2020. A listener received healing just when Kelvin PY was free-styling his new tune, Kingdom On My Mind.

This is a screenshot of the testimony:

He believed in the words rather than the rhythm & healing was his portion.

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