Scott Evans has today shared Track List for an EP he intends to release before this month ends.

The EP shall have 5 tracks; ‘Vision’, ‘Pray’, ‘For My Good’, ‘Inside’ and ‘Be Alright’; of which ‘Pray’ features Pae and Belac 360.

A hashtag that goes with the track list released #GcMmEP and comments suggest it’s gonna be ‘God Creates Man Makes’ EP.

It has already been established that, Scott Evans shall use his best producer, Nektunez to make this EP. Of course, trends days ago were an embattlement between those who side with Scott to use Nektunez for all his production because he brings out the best in him to make good music. Those on the other side of the table felt Scott has more potential and has rather been cornered or limited by such decision.

In few days, the Cover Art for the be released and later followed with the EP which shall be available on all digital platforms for streams and download.

Footages cited on social media also suggest there are music videos pending; if not for all 5 tracks on the EP; at least, for some selected ones.

For now, we shall patiently wait for the cover art of the EP while we anticipate the EP itself.

Kindly play this video!