Hi, Have you ever been loved and felt so special, new found love and suddenly things just turn in your favor, your lover always showing you the best of care and affection when you don’t even deserve it, And even when you didn’t love him back he still showed you that maximum love…?

What manner of Love could this be? It can only be the love of Jesus Christ.

You can’t say much about such a lover. And if your lover makes you feel ‘high’ thus; #Superior, you can only say; thank you! thank you! and thank you!.

*Thanks and Praise* by *The Superiors* is a thank you song narrating how a sinner once met Christ and suddenly things turned in his favor, and he (born again) Christian now decides to give *

Thanks and Praise* for the wonderful things Christ has done after having an encounter with him.

Let’s be grateful to our maker for his steadfast love endures forever. He deserves better than we did yesterday, today and even now. God deserves more!.

This is a true story and one must listen to get inspired and also be filled with the matchless love of Jesus Christ.

God bless you as you listen and get inspired. Be impacted and be filled with love.

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The Superiors!, We reign!

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