2018 was a remarkable year as Urban Gospel music in Ghana made giant strides. We thank the Almighty for how far He has brought us and the UGMB brand as a whole. UGMB would not have been able to make it without the help of you, you and you.

There is therefore the need for acknowledgement and appreciation.

Silver and gold we have not but we have a heart of gratitude. We hence appreciate all who have contributed to the activities on the blog with their profiles, tunes and news. We say may the good Lord richly bless you.

Not everyone was on the final list of acknowledgement and appreciation but everyone in the urban gospel world deserves a thumbs up. God bless you in abundance and keep up the good work. Your efforts are never in vain.

16 categories make up the acknowledgement and appreciation list. Artistes and fans filed their nominations and UGMB compiled the nominations to come up with the final list. Stats on the blog also contributed to the final list. Glance through and vote for the artiste you believe deserves it.

UGMB Artiste Of The Year
1. Ams Writter
2. Goddey
3. Kaysi Owusu
4. Lil Zig
5. The Kings’ Crew
6. Preachers
7. Scott Evans

UGMB Rapper Of The Year
1. Trooth
2. Edy C Radio
3. Ams Writter
4. Option
5. Lord Kess
6. BoiDope
7. Jay Song TTM

UGMB Contemporary Song Of The Year
1. Jay Shady – God Bi Ma Papa
2. K. Anani – Hye Me Ma
3. Kells – Won’t Be Afraid
4. Daniel Jeddman – Woara
5. Afriy David – Grateful
6. Annisstar – Rise Up
7. Joojo Eshun – Give Thanks

UGMB Rap Song Of The Year
1. Ams Writter – Turn Me Up
2. Edy C Radio – Ugly
3. BoiDope – Positive Vibe
4. Trooth – I’m Too Hot
5. Option – The Sower
6. Lord Kess – The Reason
7. El Melo – No Juju

UGMB Spoken Word Artiste Of The Year
1. Josh Infiniti
2. Kaennyjay
3. Psalm One
4. WonderWord
5. D.Grae

UGMB Afro Pop Song Of The Year
1. Lil Zig – Oguama Ne Mogya
2. Miklez – My Light
3. Nana Kessi – Blessings
4. Kaysi Owusu – Adom
5. Kelvin Flintstones – Head To Toe
6. M.A.D. Bruvas – Oben Me Daa
7. Preachers – On Point
8. Neqta – Bronya

UGMB Song Of The Year
1. Lil Zig – Oguama Ne Mogya
2. Yongrush – Cool Broda
3. Scott Evans – Everyday
4. Preachers – On Point
5. Kaysi Owusu – Adom
6. 2Fresh4God – Testimony
7. Kelvin Flintstones – Strive
8. Kobby Salm – Hossanna

UGMB Group Of The Year
1. The Kings’ Crew
2. 2Fresh4God
3. M.A.D. Bruvas
4. Preachers
5. The Word
6. Xcel
7. Forever Music

UGMB Collaboration Of The Year
1. Kelvin Flintstones – Vibe Ting (feat. All Stars)
2. Xcel – None Like You (feat. Pipe Spencer)
3. Nana Kessi – Blessings (feat. All Stars)
4. K. Anani And Daniel Jeddman – Hye Me Ma
5. The Word – Preaching Nu (feat. Miklez)
6. El Melo – No Juju (feat. Majesty)
7. Jay Song TTM – Y3 B3 Duru (feat. Miss Walters)
8. Miss Walters – All I Need (feat. Scot Evans)

UGMB Video Of The Year
1. Raf Able – Container
2. Absteiner – Dance 4 You
3. Scott Evans – Everyday
4. Edy C Radio – iGot Jesus
5. K. Anani, Daniel Jeddman – Hye Me Ma
6. Kaysi Owusu – Adom
7. Kobby Salm – Hosanna
8. Kells – Burst My Brain

UGMB Vocalist Of The Year
1. Kaysi Owusu
2. Goddey
3. K. Anani
4. Alexandrah
5. Cleck Boyson
6. Annisstar
7. Daniel Jeddman

UGMB Album Of The Year
1. Ams Writter – Wild N Out
2. Goddey – Fine
3. Daniel Jeddman – Woara
4. Scott Evans – The Glory
5. The Kings’ Crew – Kingdomatic
6. D.Grae – 190
7. Cypaq – Green

UGMB Reggae/Dancehall Artiste Of The Year
1. Minister Kobby
2. Revival
3. Mic Yorny
4. Mr. Whyte

UGMB Revelation Of The Year
1. Qojokay
2. Cleck Boyson
3. Trap Maestros
4. Neqta
5. The Word
6. Quame Key
7. Jay Witty
8. IR4C
9. Revival
10. Olade

UGMB Producer Of The Year
1. Hoodlynx
2. Replay Planet
3. Nektunez
4. Mr. Lord
5. Willo
6. Intiatior

UGMB Diaspora/Foreign Artiste Of The Year
1. Blaze Ejeh
2. Afriy David
3. Daniel Jeddman
4. Annisstar
5. Joojo Eshun
6. Spillz

Note, the UGMB Acknowledgement And Appreciation move is to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of urban/contemporary acts via all UGMB platforms. It is in no way discriminatory or causing divisiveness. All we seek to achieve is appreciate and acknowledge all who have contributed to this blog and the urban/contemporary gospel scene as a whole via our online platforms.

The voting process is under way, cast your vote now. Let’s acknowledge and show appreciation.

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