Facebook is on fire; at least from Monday up till now; about an opinion posted by promoter extraordinaire Vbuqs. Comments keep coming every moment from everyone who has interest in the gospel; more particularly; the Urban Gospel circle. This has made it impossible to complete this story. The least that I can do now is to set the foundation, then you follow up on this.

Vbuqs, with Facebook account name Vincent Buqs Teye on Monday posted what is believed to be his opinion on events he has attended so far this year. He made mention of Evans Scott’s “The Glory” album as the number 1; and Pastor Helen Yawson’s “Helen Yawson Live In Concert” as the second.

Now, that’s the issue. Some individuals are okay with his comment and see nothing wrong with it; whiles, others are on the opposite. Psalm 1 is one of them. He quickly countered and stated that “This industry of ours isn’t about “best” but about we fulfilling God’s will/purpose for our lives that through which His love will reign/live in us men and his Kingdom shall reign.

Lol; it’s like I’m running commentary. I shall rather embed the original post so you follow and get the latest update.

By the way, what’s your opinion on this? Add your comment below!

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