Renowned gospel singer, songwriter, preacher and worship leader, Phil Evans Akesse-Brempong, has asserted that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross to cleanse the sins of humans covers every sin that we have committed and are yet to commit.

Talking to Dr. Cann on the Ayekoo After-Dryve show hosted on Happy98.9FM, he cited that according to the Holy Bible, the way to God is through Jesus Christ and for the fact that Jesus died to wash away sins, anyone who acknowledge that he is a sinner and genuinely want to walk on the path of righteousness would be saved from his sins.

He gave an example with the story of the thief who admitted his sins on the cross and Jesus gave him an assurance of reserving a place for him in paradise. He continued by saying that although the thief had allegedly committed the crime for which he was condemned by the Romans to crucifixion, all he got to do to go into heaven was to acknowledge his sins.

Finally, Akesse-Brempong advised that being saved from sin is not a guarantee that humans should continue to commit and dwell in sin instead receiving the grace and salvation of God is a means to embrace righteous living.

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