Growing up as a child, i remember our teachers and parents asked as what we want to become in life and everyone had something to say about his dreams, ambitions and aspirations for the future. Today, when I hear children mentioning their dreams, it brings me into remembrance what I so longed to become since childhood. I then begin to question myself if my focus is still on that or it is shifted. In today’s episode of my writings, I wish to share with you, facts about a man who biblically was conscious of his dreams that no unexpected adversity shook him. This man is Joseph.

At a very tender age, Joseph had a dream of gaining dominion and becoming great in life and that was the commencement his sufferings and discomfort and eventually making enemies of his brothers.It is when you are envisioned to attaining a goal that you begin to face adversities on your path. Joseph was thrown into a dry pit because he had a dream and a vision to persue yet his focus was stationed on his dream. Times of plights shouldn’t be a season for to raise complaint alarms nor forget about our perusals. He was not overwhelmed with sadness neither was he surprised at his brothers because his expectations were not of them. He was not disappointed.

Joseph was well catered for in Potiphar’s house but that did not get his attention shifted from his dream.He contented but never satisfied because he knew that treatment was lesser than his dreams. He never compromised the better because his consciousness of his dream made him realize that his dreams have best tidings in stock.

Joseph never sacrificed his dreams on ill-founded threats from Potiphar’s wife. He chose prison because he knows all those are trials for him stand strong for the future. Because Joseph was conscious of his dreams, whatever happened on the outside was not a matter. He realized that all that he had seen are just temporary visitors but the unseen is what will last forever. He knew where he belonged so all his attention, focus, attitude and everything about him portayed the future he craved to achieve.

Suffice it to say that, Adversities are meant to strengthen and reshape you for the future that awaits you. Imagine, if Joseph were to become a prime minister at that young age he had that dream, how would he handle it? Turning to look at the storm that blew you off only draws your concentration away from the future, you tend to miss your steps and your dreams remain dreams. Know where you belong and always let your words, actions and attitude be an epitome the future you seek to achieve. Joseph never fell into self-pity, neither did he complain nor question why he had to face such roughs. If Joseph had not gone to prison, he wouldn’t have gotten a connection to becoming who he was. I end by reinstating that, adversities are meant to build us and make us appreciate in the freedom we gain in tomorrow. Remember, your troubles become easier if you consider them as temporary visitors.

Reference Bible text: Genesis 37, 39 – 42

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